5 Reasons Drinking Matcha can be better than drinking Coffee

5 Reasons Drinking Matcha can be better than drinking Coffee

Ever wonder what that green stuff is? Japanese Matcha Green Tea is an amazing product that will change how you feel forever. It makes you feel sharp, alert, and calm! It has many health benefits and here are some of the reason why you can substitute coffee with Matcha!

  1. Matcha Tea Caffeine will leave you feeling better because of the way the caffeine affects your body. Coffee causes spikes in insulin levels and adrenaline glucose which cause the jitters. Matcha Tea Caffeine makes you feel calm and alert and has no spike or crash. Along side not feeling crazy! Your appetite will be suppressed which can support weight loss.

    Just because Matcha Tea has low caffeine levels does not mean you won't feel alert and awake! Match gives a BURST of energy and sustains this energy as well making you feel spot on fresh!

  2. Matcha will not cause yellow teeth and will not affect your breath! It can kill the bacteria that causes plaque making it perfect for daily hygiene as well as its low caffeiene properties.

  3. Pay attention to the skin of coffee drinkers. Notice anything? Not only are Matcha Tea Caffeine Levels low, but they promote healthy skin by clearing up acne! Matcha Organic will help leave your skin glowing if used as a face mask.

  4. Low Caffeiene is one benefit of Matcha, but it is also packed with more matcha antioxidants. Matcha contains catechins, falvonoids, and polyphenols, and above all tepigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is linked to a tremendous amount of matcha health benefits which helps

  5. You can find a lot better Matcha than you can Coffee!

All in all Matcha Tea Caffeine levels are low! You will notice feeling better by drinking Organic Matcha Tea and lowering your coffee intake. Make sure to ask about Tea Barrel Company's premium grade japanese matcha tea and to find out how you can get your sample!

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