Is Matcha Good For You? Does More Than Fighting Cancer!

Is Matcha Good For You? Does More Than Fighting Cancer!

The benefits of Matcha are endless, but it’s nothing new! Matcha has been around for centuries and can be considered as being ancient. A recent trend has brought Matcha back to life and many are asking, “Is Matcha Good For You?”. Does it really fight cancer? Truth is folks that Matcha is AMAZING for you! Not only does it assist with the fight and prevention of cancer, but it can also help with depression, anxiety and weight loss. You can read more on by clicking here to see What is Matcha? What are the Matcha Powder Benefits?

Is Matcha Good For You

What is Matcha Tea?

Matcha is a powdered tea that has been growing through major tea vendors and Instagram. The whole point of Matcha is the zen and ceremonial feel you get when preparing to drink it. Making Matcha has a whole process to it that makes it as delicate as it is. You start with some fine stone ground Matcha that Tea Barrel imports from Japan! You have some hot not boiling water and your bamboo whisk!  You start with a little water a teaspoon of Matcha and then you whisk it to create a froth. Once the froth is created you’ll pour in the rest of the water.

This ritual is a big part of the appeal for Matcha, but another reason for the trend in Matcha is the health benefits!

Where is the Evidence? Cancer? What?! How?!

Green tea is always associated with being linked to huge health benefits, but when talking about fighting cancer and boosting metabolism Matcha blows regular Green Tea out the water! Some consider and you can consider Matcha as a super amped up version of Green Tea. How? Well, with Matcha you’re consuming the entire tea leaf which is richer in all nutrients. It’s significantly richer in the polyphenol epigallocatechin also known as . EGCG, which stunts irregular cell growth. Many studies suggest that EGCG is highly concentrated in Matcha and has proven to have the ability to suppress tumor production in cancers.

What’s in it for us?

Well, here at Tea Barrel we like to provide our customers with top-grade Matcha. Contact us to find out how you can get in line or get your hands on our exclusive imported Matcha Tea from Japan.

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