4 Tips When Buying Green Tea Matcha Powder

4 Tips When Buying Green Tea Matcha Powder

Looking for a natural modern beverage delight? For those who don’t know, matcha is a magical drink that is very popular in the health awareness community. Matcha is made from leaves of the green tea plant. The leaves are dried and finely ground to create a luscious green powder that is packed with health benefits. The green tea leaves contain a high amount of antioxidant content which is why the benefits of matcha enhance your overall health.

Coffee connoisseurs have transitioned and have become avid drinkers of green tea matcha powder. Matcha green tea has less caffeine, but it provides an amazing combination of calmness and a mellow caffeine high.

Tea Barrel Company has some tips on purchasing Green Tea Matcha Powder!


1. Choose Rich, Spring Green Matcha Powder

Tea Barrel Company offers ceremonial grade matcha powder that has a vibrant green color. You will enjoy a full-bodied flavor while benefiting from its antioxidants. Tea Barrel Company’s matcha is imported from Kyoto, Japan and combats oxidation, a chemical process within the body which comes from stress or excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages and smoking.

Antioxidants assist in the aging process and help prevent the onset of diseases. Tea Barrel Company supplies delicious and potent green tea powder that offers special benefits that promotes high-energy.


2. Buy Only Organic Matcha

Matcha powder should almost always be organic. Green tea is valued for its strong polyphenol and powerful antioxidant content. Matcha powder is processed through 3 stages: Steaming, rolling and firing. Tea Barrel Company supplies only organic matcha powder from Kyoto, Japan.

Our vendor’s process allow the rapid heating of the tea leaves to grow soft and become flexible. This eliminates any harmful enzymes that are caused from oxidation. After the rolling and heating steps, the green tea leaves contain 2% moisture. The highest quality organic green tea matcha plants come from Japan. Tea Barrel’s organic matcha powder is ceremonial grade and comes from the highest quality of green tea plants.


3. Select Matcha from Japan

Tea Barrel Company uses only organic green tea matcha powder from Japan even though China also offers decent matcha powder. Tea Barrel prefers to buy fine quality matcha powder from Japan due to the organic and ceremonial traditions. We have found that matcha powder from Japan offers the highest level of zen, rejuvenation, and a full-bodied flavor.


4. Purchase Ceremonial Matcha Before Culinary

Looking forward to purchasing matcha powder? Make sure your initial purchase is with high-quality ceremonial grade matcha powder. The highest quality match powder tea is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. The ceremonial grade matcha is intended to be consumed with no additions. Tea Barrel Company primarily focuses on providing ceremonial grade matcha powder that is used in Japanese Ceremonies.


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